General Information

Established in 1971.

AMA Leader Club.

Club #1282

Monthly Club Newsletter.

Flight Instructors Available.

Community Involvement.

Educational Programs.

Safe & Friendly Location.

Year Round Events, Indoor & Out.

Open Events, Club Only Events.

First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher.

Clubhouse With Electricity.

Clubhouse is Handicap Accessible.

Lockable Entrance Gate.

Storage Shed.

Covered Shelter With Work Tables.

Radio Impound Area/Stand.

Frequency Board.

Large Grass Parking Lot.

936 Foot Grass Runway.

Electric/Park Flyer Flying Area.

Large Grass Pit Area.

Startup Stands.

Gas Grill For Club Members.

Spectator Area With Safety Fences.

Picnic Tables/Trash Bins/
Porta Potty.

Float Fly Area In Kaukauna.

Yes, We Even Have A Wind Sock.

Spectators Always Welcome.


We Welcome

Radio Controlled...

Gas/Nitro/Electric/Glider Aircraft

Giant/Float/Sea/Park Flyers/Micro

Jets/Ducted Fan

Helicopters/Fixed Wing/3D

Even Control Line



Gas/Nitro/Glow Aircraft 8:30am to one hour prior to sunset.

Electric aircraft have no flight time restrictions.

Club Rules
AMA Membership Required.
FAA Registration Required.


Calumet Flyers Membership Required.


No Cell Phones on Flight Line.


No Taxiing Into Pit Area.


No Flying Over Pit Area.


No Flying Over Parking Lot.


Children must be accompanied by an adult in the clubhouse.


A traffic/flight pattern must be established whenever two or more aircraft are flying at the same time.


Permission needed from land owner prior to retrieving a downed aircraft south of Ott Rd.


All start and engine run-ups must be done with propeller pointed away from spectators/fellow flyers.


Transmitters must have frequency pin attached when in use.


A carpet square must be used to catch all fuel spills.


No alcohol allowed during any of our AMA Sanctioned Events, (Pilot or Spectator)